Social and


equity through

thoughtful design.


To Be Done harnesses the inherent goodness in people and the power of design to create sustainable solutions to the endemic problems that our world faces. We seek a relevant practice, one which is accessible to all rather than the few. We design and build spaces that uplift, inspire and support power within the communities we work.

Omar Hakeem, AIA



We believe in the right of future generations to a vibrant, livable, and resilient built environment. Working alongside grass-roots organizations and large institutions we develop sustainable solutions that fit the specific needs of our partners. From energy efficient and healthy housing for the formerly homeless, to LEED Platinum Certified, buildings or Resilient disaster recovery solutions for large institutions -- we believe these solutions should be accessible to all.


Designers are well positioned as creative problem solvers however we can't wait for those problems to come to us. We actively seek out the most endemic challenges that exist in our built environment then conviene local and technical experts to develop holistic, long lasting solutions that can scale.


We make things. Why? Because we believe that sometimes the best way to make positive impacts in people's lives is to bring about physical change. Sourcing, shaping and joining materials keeps us connected to the work we do as architects and designers and ensures that our partners can realize their visions.