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Davis Workforce Housing (P2)

Building off of previous master planning work from Phase One, To Be Done Studio refined the design work for proposed Workforce Housing development sites in Davis, West Virginia.

Generously supported by Rural LISC and Enterprise Community Partners, as well as Woodlands Development Group and Tucker County Economic Development Authority, the development responds to situated views, regional climate concerns, and the routines and activities of local residents.

To learn more about previously conducted site studies and focus group findings, visit our work on Phase One of the project here.

Site Two was picked for further development due to its accessibility for site infrastructure and easy potential for future expansion.

Render of site development and mixed unit typologies.

To comply with local health mandates, TBD kicked off a set of virtual focus group meetings with local partners and community residents to focus on the design, aesthetic values, and placement of units.

Explorations into exterior siding-cladding styles.

Options for building exterior, fenestrations, and mass.

Varying degrees of building form and separation.

Recognizing the diverse and varying needs of residents, a mix of unit typologies were designed in response to the context of Davis.

Evolution of unit typology design.

Responsiveness of unit design to nature and context.

TBD tested multiple materials, fenestrations, and spatial layouts in order to create a development with a neighborhood and "West Virginian" spirit.

Site 2 Render

Responding to the diverse building typologies, materials, and styles of Davis, TBD looked to create an architecture that reflected and responded to the nature and culture of the surrounding area.

Designed units provide indoor and outdoor spaces for living and gathering to suit year-round enjoyment.

Unit Type 1A, with exterior siding option.

Siting of the units took into consideration future expansions of the development and connectivity to Davis, located a 15 minute walk away.

Working on a site with a delicate ecosystem, TBD designed the units to minimally impact the natural landscape and complement its majestic views.

Unit Type 2B with exterior siding option.

To Be Done Studio looks to sensitively react to a context and weave designs into a landscape in a way that responsive and appropriate.