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NRDC - DC Office Space

The Natural Resource Defence Council (NRDC) is a non-profit international environmental advocacy group working to safeguard the earth- its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.

TBD was tasked with creating design concepts for an expansion of their DC Office.

Located in Downtown DC, 5000+ SQFT of raw space was acquired by NRDC for the development of Class-A, adaptive office space.

Through its design work, TBD’s concepts synthesize NRDC’s mission, its sustainable operations goals and need to safely reintroduce the workforce back into the shared workspace in a post-COVID world.

Incorporating natural, antimicrobial, and sound-dampening materials such as copper, cork, felt, glass, and cardboard, the proposed design concepts breakdown the space into programmatic blocks to improve acoustics, support healthy airflow and minimized contact through thoughtful circulation.

With movable partitions and modular furniture, the designs can be outfitted to suit future needs.

Additional concepts were presented that incorporate curvilinear bio-mimetic furniture elements that aid in safe social distancing.

The spaces feature elements such as shared working rooms, private relaxation areas, indoor planters and graphic column wrappings to highlight the core values of NRDC and efforts being made towards a sustainable workplace and future.

Modular flexible shelving systems allow for the adaptive use of space. Sound dampening/antimicrobial materials are utilized throughout.