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Faye's Grocery

Located in rural Gould, Arkansas, Faye’s Grocery is a means to combat the disinvestment of rural communities as well as deal with the realities of living in a food desert.

TBD worked with a young Black entrepreneur who is moving back to his hometown of Gould, AK to revitalize the community and inspire future development.

The design proposal seeks to use vernacular forms to bring verticality as well as a sense of playfulness to the facade of the building. Deep overhangs provide space for gathering and the display of local produce

With a predominantly Black population of less than 900 people and a median household income below the national poverty line, the city of Gould is also a food desert. Residents must drive almost 40 minutes to reach the nearest grocery store- a Walmart located over 30 miles away.

In an area lacking access to many resources and amenities, food scarcity should not be one of them - especially for a predominantly farming community like Gould.

The concept features a simple flow through fresh and packaged produce sections that showcase the goods of the local farming community of Gould.

The schematics produced by TBD for the grocery store concept will be used to seek further funding and bolster community support for the initiative.

Multi-story identification of Faye's from the road and afar.

Open covered area allows for community gathering and activity.

With an expressed need for community gathering spaces, the design features a cafe space and seating to highlight local products and meals for visitors.

Communities are brought together by the selling, purchasing, preparing, and eating of food, and the development of local businesses such as Faye’s can transform the health, prosperity, and spirit of the surrounding region.

Outdoor seating and displays for local vendors signal the importance of food and gathering for rural communities.

Such as with our work for the Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design, TBD is dedicated to rural capacity building and the sustainable development of local communities.