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DCPL Fab Lab

The Fab Lab is a mobile fabrication space that brings programming to local communities without access to similar library services.

Supported by the DC Public Library, NoMA BID, Uber, and The Institute of Museum and Library Services, the project was designed, built, and launched by members of To Be Done Studio during the summer of 2018.

While the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library building was closed for extensive renovations, DC Public Library looked to distribute its services to neighborhoods across the city at various temporary sites where programming was not currently available.

Fabrication Lab elements

Graphic shade scrim

Insulating liner

Container Lab with outdoor covered workspaces

Storage walls & work areas

Comprised of one 45-foot and one 20-foot shipping container, The Fab Lab acts as a mobile lab space to house and showcase library programs. It features educational programming for fabrication lab courses and work space, a tool library, a laser cutter and 3D printers.

To mobilize and start engaging with community members, a number of volunteers helped to build furniture and paint the exterior mural for the shipping container-turned-makerspace.

The exterior features artwork by DC artist Marc Pekala.

Exposed structural elements and recycled materials were used throughout, connecting visitors to construction of the structure.

As one of the last truly democratic spaces for the public, libraries offer crucial services and spaces for community gathering and development. Shown here the Fab labs large bi-fold doors are open and ready for programing.

By offering a temporary and hands-on space for learning and creativity, we help to provide tools and foster the work of makers in shaping the future of their communities.

Interior view of the Fab Lab makerspace.